Volume One: The Way of Unsaying


An Untrained Mind s Incapable Of Knowing Itself — So How Can It Truly Know Anything At All?

The Need For This

The Need For These Dialogs That Follow Is Not To Tell You How Things Are, But To Unsay The Things That You’ve Already Heard And Have Taken To Heart

A Word About Language and the Written Word

Language Is Intrinsically Deficient In Its Ability To Encompass Reality — In A Descriptive Sense — Beyond The Appearances We Experience

The Trouble With Agency

Agency Implies An Agent That Is Doing Something. If There Is No Agent, There Can Be No Agency

The Responsive Origin And Spontaneous Nature of Thoughts

We Don’t Tend To See Our Thoughts As Invited; Instead We See Them As Originated By Us, But That Is Impossible

The Illusion Of Qualities

There Is Something Definitely Wrong With Our Understanding Of What Our Conscious Experience Is

Understanding Experience

What Is A Meditative Experience? Well, First, What Is An Experience?

What is an Intuition?

I Think We All Agree That Intuition Is Something That Happens, Without Having To Agree To How It Happens


Some Types Of Knowledge Effectively Undermine The Possibility Of Achieving Enlightenment — Unfortunately, They Are Those Most Used Pedagogically

Recognizing the Dualistic Structure of Our Experiences

It Is Very Difficult To Overcome The Dualistic Structure Imposed On Our Experiences — Harder Still, That Of Our Language

Loosening the Chains of the Conceptual and the Intelligible

An Understanding Will Always Separate Us From The Truth, Because An Understanding Creates A Something-That-Is-Understood

Beyond Concepts, Begone Concepts

Somewhere Along The Way, The Understanding That Something Is “Beyond Concepts” Got Very Confused

The 7 Metacognitive Guides That Kept My Contemplations On Track

My Intent In This Article Is To Tell You A Little About My Life As It Pertains To This Work

This Visceral Feeling of Self

Wisdom Traditions Say That Our Belief In Our Independent Selfhood Is Ignorance, But Is That All It Is?

No Inherent Self

Even When We See That This Certainty Is Misguided, Its Visceral Presence Remains For Us To Worry At

A First Mover Is Not Needed

In Fact, It Is A Pretty Silly Idea That There Can Be Anything That Is Not In Motion

Mapping Concepts to Reality

Is Time Apart From Us, Or Is It A Part Of Us? What If We Have It Wrong?

On The Limen of Poetic Being

A Poem

The Irrefutable Fact of Now

This “Now” That We Talk Of Is The Edge Of Eternity, Which Is Always Present, And In Which All Things That Happen Thereby Become Present

Our Limited View of Time And Eternity

The Now Is A Vignette, Not A ‘Moment’ Of Time — Event Horizon Of Eternity, Which Isn’t A ‘What’

Eternity Poem

How Does One Describe The Indescribable? What Sweet Flowing Words Can I Use To Invoke The Proper Image In Your Mind’s Heart?

Inner Spontaneous Sound

What They Are Not, What They Are, How They Are Different, And Why It Matters

Consciousness And The Unconscious — Mereologically Speaking

Our Reliance Upon A ‘Subconscious’ Begs The Question Of How Thoughts Arise

Meditation And Science

Scientists Study Meditation, But Only Denatured Meditation. Is There A Rational Reason For That?

The Danger Inherent in Modern Secular Meditation

Secular Meditation Is Taken From Ancient Spiritual Traditions, But Jettisons Their Profound Wisdom

On Ego, Happiness, And The Suffering They Bring

Ego Fulfillment Does Not Lead To Being Happy, Happiness Does Not Exist, But There Is A Way Out Of Suffering — Comfort

In The Servitude of Science

Constructive Science Shifts The Scale Of Studied Action Beyond Our Ability To Experience Directly, Understand, Or To Use Wisely What We Know

Before The Pump Was Invented, What Did The Heart Do?

We Believe We Know The Truth Because Science Says The Heart Is A Pump. But That’s Ridiculous

The Peculiar Nature Of Light, the Universe, and Everything

Since Visible Light Is Just Part Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum, This Surely Holds For The Rest Of It Too

Paying Attention To The Spontaneous Arrival Of Thoughts

A Story About What The Dance Of Reason Tells Me

The Relentless Logic Of Mechanical-Materialism

It Pervades The Understanding Of The World That Scientists Work Within

On The Practice Of Science

Science Delivers An Ever-Evolving Understanding Of Reality — Not The Truth, Because That Is The Death Of Science

The Problem of False Halts and Captivity

Captivity Within This Process Of Naturing Is A Restraint That Cannot Be Broken

Alienation & Unconcoctability — The Change That Enlightenment Brings

Does Becoming An Enlightened Being Actually Make A Difference?

Four Intuitive Moments That Made All The Difference In My Life

How Are Such Things Possible? What Is The Source Of Such Feelings? And How Could They Motivate Me In Ways That Rational Judgment Could Not?

Entertaining Nonrational Experiences

Dismissing experiences out-of-hand because they are not comprehended within a particular understanding is not wise.

Personal Examples of Nonrational Experiences

Over Time, Unexplainable Experiences Of Being Guided And Protected Occurred, So Often That I Could Not Ignore Them.

The Intent For This Book

Science & Tech, Once Tools To Extend Our Reach, Are Impotent To Serve Us Now — The Scale Of Needs Has Inflated Beyond Our Power To Respond

Ruining the world

A Cautionary Tale About Trying To Save A Planet

Some Background On My Path

Placing My Awareness On These Inner Spontaneous Sounds Comforted Me Because I No Longer Felt The Absence Of Love, I Resonated With It

Speaking About A “Universal Path to Enlightenment”

The Techniques Might Be Different, The Stops May Be Too, But If You Are Seeking Enlightenment, There’s A Universal Path That You Must Follow

A Universal Direct Path to Enlightenment

Showing How Plotinus, Jigme Lingpa, Xu Yun, Avalokitasvara & The Buddha Described The Same Necessary Meditation Moves To Reach Enlightenment

Great Responsiveness — For The Good Of All

The Sound Basis of Mahākarunā — An answer to late capitalism and the climate crisis of global ecocide.

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།

Volume Two: The Way of Contemplation

The Purpose Of This

A Paradigm Is Like A Very Complex Die Through Which Most Of Our Experiences Are Extruded, And Those That Aren’t Fall To The Wayside

Regarding Levels and Development of Consciousness, Confusion Therein, and the Foundation of All

Consciousness Must Be Fundamental, But For It To Be So, It Cannot Be Apart From That Which We Are Conscious Of

Why We Continue To Be Confused About Consciousness

My Earnest Suggestion Is That This State Of Affairs Is Wholly Caused By Our Limiting Modern Paradigm Of Deterministic Materialism

Our Reality is Responsive, Not Chaotically Determined

And Why It Matters To Us

The Mystery Staring Us In The Face: Our Ability To Perceive Fluid Motion From Video Images

The Key To Unlocking The Mystery That Is Staring Us In The Face And What It Can Tell Us About Reality

What is Experience, Where is Mind, What is Consciousness, and Time?

Explaining A New Paradigm For Science And Spirituality

What is a Spiritual Insight and How Does it Occur?

Discursive thinking does not exist in the more advanced meditative states, so one might ask how insights can arise.

What Is A Paradigm, And How Does It Enable And Limit Intelligence?

A New Theoretical Framework Can Only Be Formulated In Terms That Are Coherent With Your Current Paradigm’s Theoretical Knowledge Structure

Inherent vs. Intrinsic: Two Ways to Shape Our Thoughts About Reality

A Subtle Difference That Can Lead Us To The Truth

Awareness Is Unlike A Mirror

A mirror is not cognizant of what is appearing in it. The opposite of cognizant would be ignorant, or oblivious, or “unaffected by” so this allegory metaphor depicts the opposite of what it is meant to.

Breaking The Mirror

Explaining how a mirror is like awareness.

What Can Fluid Motion Of Videos In A Moving World Tell Us?

What Use Would A Faculty For Creating Motion Out Of Still Images Have If The World Is Already Fluidly In Motion?

Memory And Impermanence

Everything is in motion, even our ‘memories’ of events that we believe are true records of what was.

The Needed Distinction Between Reality and Existence

Making Room For Modern Science And Ancient Wisdom.

Why Awareness Will Never Be Found

And Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never Be Aware.

The Three Defects of Every Novel Paradigm for Reality Proposed Today

The Only Way To Move To Another Paradigm Is To Completely Empty The Current Authoritative Paradigm Of Any Validity At All

Within The Heart Of All That Is Lies Unexplainable Creative Spontaneity

Scientists Are Finding Emptiness In Everything That Is Supposed To Be Solid And Philosophers Have Never Been Able To Define What “Matter” Is

Coherent Continuity

This Is Not Awareness As It Is Dualistically Defined, It Is Not The Ability To Be Aware, It Is The Ability To Manifest What Appears

The Axiom of Responsive Naturing

Humanity Needs A New Paradigm For Reality If It Is To Survive — Great Responsiveness Is That Paradigm

Reasonable Incausality

A Poem

Why Do We Have A Brain If We Also Have A Mind?

Great Responsiveness Is The Solution To The ‘Hard Problem’ Of Consciousness

It Was Inevitable That Science Would Declare We Have No Free Will

Great Responsiveness Explains How Recognition Of Our Acts Come Only After Our Desire To Do Something Has Already Commenced The Action Desired

How Do We Reason? (Part 1)

The Impossible Genesis of Thinking a Thought

The Creativity of Responsive Naturing vs. The Chaos of Determinism

How The Worldview of Modern Science is Holding Science Back

How Do We Reason? (Part 2)

Towards a Re-Cognition of Thought

On The Origin Of Complex Life

Random Mutation Undermines Ontogenetic Inertia Of Complex Lifeforms — Coherent Continuity Of Ontogenesis Is Evidence Of Responsive Naturing

A Revolutionary Paradigm Must Be Judged By Its Own Standards Of Evidence

A Priori Objective Veridical Facts Are Necessary Truth In The Same Way That Mathematics Are

The Experience of Fluid Motion in Films and Videos Suggests a New Theory of Consciousness

The Ability to Create Motion From Coherent Still Images Has No Survival Benefit  Because There Are No Naturally Occurring Streams of Such Images - Or Are There?

A Concise Description of Responsive Naturing

All Natural Things Are Alive; All Natural Things Are Responsively Natured; Fate Is Where Each Starts Now

There Is A Way Of Seeing The World Different

A poem

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།

Volume Three: The Way of Tradition

The Pressing Need For This Forgotten Knowledge And Its Effect

One Purpose Of This Book Is To Share A Very Important, Relatively Unknown, Often Poorly Understood, Support For Advanced Meditation

The Name Avalokitasvara

A Noble Illustration Of The Process By Which Knowledge Is Lost Or Degenerates Over Time

Manjushri’s Recommendation

Inner Spontaneous Sound Is The Sole Meditation Support That Can Take One Directly To A State Of Enlightenment Without Tradition Or Teacher

Inner Spontaneous Sound Meditation Practices

Inner Spontaneous Sound Leads Directly To A Definitive Experience Of The Nature Of Mind, And This Is Its Unique Excellence

Mystery of The Four Elements Sound Practice

Inner Spontaneous Sound Is Not A Contingent Or Compounded Evanescent Phenomenon — This Is Why All Buddhas Reach Enlightenment By Using It

The Surangama Sutra

Containing The Most Secret Instructions For The Means By Which All Buddhas And Bodhisattvas Reach Full Enlightenment

Is The Surangama Sutra Authentic?

Exposure of wrong views, misuse of spiritual powers & deviant teaching inflamed the perennial attacks & false opinions continue to be parroted as truth by academicians and translators

Why The Surangama Sutra Is Important

My Discovery Of The Surangama Sutra Has Given Me An Added Impetus To Bring This Knowledge To The Awareness Of All People

A Century-Old Tibetan Prophecy Of Biospheric Collapse & Its Terrible Disruptions 2026–2032

And The Ancient Practice We All Need To Do In Order To Protect Ourselves Against It

The Rational Meaning Of This Prophetic Warning For 2026–2032

Explaining The Prophetic Text Compiled By Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö For 2026–2032 From Teachings Of The Victorious One Shakyamuni Buddha

It Seems The Subject Of This Book Was Prophesized By The Buddha

How This Book, A Prophecy For Today, And A Slandered Teaching Of The Buddha, Share A Common Goal

The Complete Instructions for the Practice of the Buddha’s Secret Path

The Disgraceful Reason Why One of the Most Cherished Sutras in Chinese Buddhism Was Not Taught in Tibetan Buddhism

Inner Spontaneous Sound in Parmenides via Kingsley

Kingsley Calls Out The Challenge We Face From Our Own Distractedness, So Craftily Weaponized By Those That Seek To Undermine Us

The Mystery

How hard-won knowledge can be lost over time.

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།

Volume Four: The Way of Meditation

The Peregrination of Heroic Progress

A poem

Relaxing Into Presence

The Real, Irrefutable, And Not Theoretical Base Technique Of All Advanced Meditative Practices

Overview of The Inner Spontaneous Sound Practices — Part I

Great Responsiveness Meditation and the Yoga of the (Inner Spontaneous) Sounds of the Four Elements

The Quintessence of the Great Responsiveness Path


How To Be Invincible

Achieving Heroic Progress Through an Ancient Meditation Practice

Great Responsiveness Meditation

The Meditation Path Of Avalokitasvara In Detail

What is Emptiness And How Does It Relate to Great Responsiveness?

The Unique Character Of The Inner Spontaneous Sounds Used Within The Great Responsive Meditation

The Quintessence of Responsive Naturing

Mantra and Explanation

Now Is Ever Pristine

A Poem

Do Not Try to Suppress Anything

When you attempt to suppress emotions, thoughts, or perceptions, you are chaining yourself to them.

Self-Delusion Trumps Intelligence

Metacognition is the faculty that allows us to clearly see when our thoughts, motivations, desires, ideas, and actions, are incoherent.

Are We Conscious When Asking What Consciousness Is?

A poem

Realization of ‘One Sense’

This Is Inner Spontaneous Sounds’ Importance As A Meditational Support, And The Origin Of Its Power To Heal And Transform

Simply Real And Beyond Illusion

A poem

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།


A Fourth Dialogue between Hylas & Philonous and Introducing Noeinus

A Lighthearted Dialogue Extending Berkeley’s Subjective Idealism In Order To Overcome Its “Subjective” Framing

A Greater Self Is A Greater Error

We do not overcome the error of believing in a separate self by positing a greater self.

Action At A Spooky Distance

To accept “spooky action at a distance” is to live in an interpretive fantasy that is broken. Einstein was right when his mind revolted at the idea.

Authentic Wholeness Is Uncovered, Not Created

Separation is an illusion, but our shared story about how things are, is built upon that illusion. To deny it is to be an apostate.

Between Reality and Existence Lies The Limit Of Intelligibility

The liminal event horizon between Reality and Existence results from the limit of intelligibility.

Comfort Is The Absence Of Unfulfilled Desires

All Beings Seek Comfort, Not Happiness

Commonplace Malevolence

Has our malevolence towards one another grown to become so systemic, and pathologic, that it is now just a given in our lives?

Compassion, Sociopathy, And Normality

The Mere Absence Of Pain And Suffering Being Inflicted On Others Is Seen, Not As Normal, But As Compassionate — An Act That Is Beyond The Norm

Every Artist Knows The Truth

Every artist knows the truth that they are only the conduit for the art they make.

Evil Always Reproduces Itself In Its Victims

If we want to change this world, we must confront our own responsibility for the evil growing within it

Interpreting the Words of Enlightened Beings

We need to not have an understanding that stands in the way.

Is Enlightenment Possible?

If you are hoping for scientific evidence that enlightenment is possible you will be frustrated.

Meditating More Than An Hour

All The Really Interesting Things Happen After The First Hour.

Mindfulness Based Planetary Recovery

A mindful person is a better relative, a better friend and neighbor, and a better global citizen, so everyone benefits.

Plato On The Necessarily Nondual Nature Of Reality

Plato said reality is necessarily a nondual whole and that the appearances are proof that this is so.

The Practice Of Science Assumes Many Articles On Faith

Perfect science would begin with no assumptions; but that isn’t what we have.


To Be Human In This Clear Way… Isn’t That A Prize?

There Are No Objective Empirical Facts

Mind-training frees us from mental errors that lead us to suffer, live inauthentically, and misconstrue what is real with what is not.

The Truth

How It Truly Is? No. How To Truly Be!

The Violence Of Words

The Horizon That We Must Understand Is Not On The Horizon But Right Here Marking The Territory Within Which Language Can Be Allowed

What Even Scientists Are Often Guilty Of

Why Scientific Knowledge Is Always Contingent, No Matter How Much Proof Is Gathered.

What Is Before Spring? Dōgen and Being-time

There is no moment of transition for events to happen in. There is only this present Now, and nothing else.

Why Is It Necessary To Not Eat Meat?

Countering The Claims That Gautama Buddha Said It Was Ok Under Certain Conditions.

Why It’s So Difficult To Communicate With Others

People are able to listen, they just are unwilling to do so.

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།

Back Matter

Seeing Clearly

A parable

Awesome Beauty Beheld

A meditation

Actually Being Nakedly Present To Each Other

The Way Of Spiritual Lovers

Blessing of Peace

My Final Words Closing This Book About Tranquillity’s Secret


Definitions of important words used in this book.


The following notes are referenced in various places within Tranquillity’s Secret.

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།