Ananda! As you have asked me as to the best method for concentrating the mind of those who have difficulty in following the common methods, I will now reveal to you the Lord Buddha’s Secret Method for the attainment of Bodhisattva-Mahasattvahood.

But you must remember that it is of first importance to fully observe the Four Precepts as explained above. To become a Bodhisattva-Mahasattva, one must have a nature as pure and clear and repellent as frost and ice, so that no false growths of leaves and branches shall sprout out from the true Mind, such as the three poisons of lust, hatred and infatuation; or the four wickednesses of the mouth: falsehood, slander, obscene words, and flattery.

Ananda! If any of the disciples in the last kalpa should be unable to overcome their old habits, you may teach them to recite this Dharani of mine. It is called, The Supreme Dharani of the Radiating Brightness of the Lord Buddha’s Crowning Experience. It is the invisible transcendental power that rays out from the Tathagata’s Wisdom Eye manifesting the unconditioned Essential Mind of the Lord Buddha. It is the transcendental radio-activity of Power and Glory that was revealed in me at the time of my Highest Samadhi, at the hour of my Perfect Enlightenment, as I sat amid the marvelous Lotus Blossoms under the Bodhi-tree.

Listen, Ananda! At the time you were helpless under the magic charm of the maiden Pchiti, what was it that released you and restored your control of mind? Your coming under her control was not a chance happening of this life, or of this kalpa alone: you had been in affinity with her for many a kalpa. Suddenly, when Manjusri repeated this Dharani, the bonds that bound you to her were destroyed, her passion for you was ended, and by once listening to my teaching she became enlightened. Although she was a prostitute and apparently had no interest in the Dharma, by the invisible power of my transcendental Dharani, she immediately attained to the perfection of all dhyana practice. What this Dharani did for her and for you, it can do for all others. Rest assured all my Bhikshu Brothers in this great assembly, you who are earnestly seeking Supreme Attainment, rest assured that, by the power of this Great Dharani, you will attain Buddhahood.

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།

Then Ananda bowed down to the feet of the Lord Buddha and said: My Noble Lord! The reason I have not yet attained perfect Emancipation from arbitrary conceptions of phenomena, since becoming thy disciple, is because of my pride in being known as your favorite cousin and because of my exceptional learning, so when I was brought under the spell of the old woman’s magic, in spite of the conscious purpose of my mind, I was unable to free myself from it. Fortunately my Lord sent Brother Manjusri to deliver me by means of the spiritual power of my Lord’s Great Crown Dharani. Unfortunately I had not mastered it and now pray, My Lord, to kindly repeat it again so that I and all the other practicing disciples in this assembly and, through us, all the disciples of the future who are still in the cycle of deaths and rebirths, shall all become free in both mind and body in the time of danger.

The whole audience having heard Ananda’s sincere plea to the Lord, rose from their seats and made obeisance to the Lord and then waited attentively to hear the Lord’s sacred Dharani. As they waited in solemn silence there appeared a most wonderful sight. From the crown of the Blessed One’s head there streamed forth a glorious splendor in the likeness of a wonderful lotus blossom, and in the midst of the abundant foliage and seated in the cup of the blossom was the Lord Tathagata’s Nirmanakaya (appearance body). From the crown of the Lord’s head there radiated outward uncounted beams of light that shot outward in all the ten directions, and in each of the bright beams of light were figures of transcendently mysterious Vajra-gods permeating everywhere in the open spaces of the universes and suggesting the lightning-like potencies of all the transcendental powers. Each of the Vajra-gods was standing upright and alert with his symbol in his hand, ready and waiting but already victorious.

The assembly was transported with awe and fear and admiration. With one spontaneous movement their hearts went forth in an adoring prayer for its blessed, compassionate, and protective Providence to guard them from its awful but Beneficent Power.

As the vision faded away, the great assembly remained in solemn silence waiting to hear the Lord’s Transcendental Dharani. The Lord Buddha standing in their midst, Brightness and Power radiating from the crown of his head, uttered the Great Crown Dharani.

Note: At this point, the original editor, Dwight Goddard, chose to not include the full Dharani in translation, but only a select few stanzas of it, pointing out:

Then follows several pages of the long and mysterious Dharani made up of Sanskrit words, Chinese paraphrases, names of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Deva-gods, etc., more or less of obscure meaning, all of which but the opening and closing lines are omitted. The lines in capital letters is considered the “heart” of the long Dharani and is commonly the part that is remembered and recited by those who cannot remember the whole.

Instead of giving those few lines in translation, the phonetic content of each line of the full Dharani is now given:

Surangama Dharani

Section I

1. na mo sa dan tuo

2. su qie duo ye

3. e la he di

4. san miao san pu tuo xie

5. na mo sa dan tuo

6. fo tuo ju zhi shai ni shan

7. na mo sa po

8. bo tuo bo di

9. sa duo pi bi

10. na mo sa duo nan

11. san miao san pu tuo

12. ju zhi nan

13. suo she la po jia

14. seng qie nan

15. na mo lu ji e luo han duo nan

16. na mo su lu duo bo nuo nan

17. na mo suo jie li tuo qie mi nan

18. na mo lu ji san miao qie duo nan

19. san miao qie bo la

20. di bo duo nuo nan

21. na mo ti po li shai nan

22. na mo xi tuo ye

23. pi di ye

24. tuo la li shai nan

25. she po nu

26. jie la he

27. suo he suo la mo tuo nan

28. na mo ba la he mo ni

29. na mo yin tuo la ye

30. na mo po qie po di

31. lu tuo la ye

32. wu mo bo di

33. suo xi ye ye

34. na mo po qie po di

35. nuo la ye

36. na ye

37. pan zhe mo he san mu tuo la

38. na mo xi jie li duo ye

39. na mo po qie po di

40. mo he jia la ye

41. di li bo la na

42. qie la pi tuo la

43. bo na jia la ye

44. e di mu di

45. shi mo she nuo ni

46. po xi ni

47. mo dan li qie na

48. na mo xi jie li duo ye

49. na mo po qie po di

50. duo tuo qie duo ju la ye

51. na mo bo tou mo ju la ye

52. na mo ba she la ju la ye

53. na mo mo ni ju la ye

54. na mo qie she ju la ye

55. na mo po qie po di

56. di li cha

57. shu la xi na

58. bo la he la na la she ye

59. duo tuo qie duo ye

60. na mo po qie po di

61. na mo e mi duo po ye

62. duo tuo qie duo ye

63. e la he di

64. san miao san pu tuo ye

65. na mo po qie po di

66. e chu pi ye

67. duo tuo qie duo ye

68. e la he di

69. san miao san pu tuo ye

70. na mo po qie po di

71. bi sha she ye

72. ju lu fei zhu li ye

73. bo la po la she ye

74. duo tuo qie duo ye

75. na mo po qie po di

76. san bu shi bi duo

77. sa lian nai la la she ye

78. duo tuo qie duo ye

79. e la he di

80. san miao san pu tuo ye

81. na mo po qie po di

82. she ji ye mu nuo ye

83. duo tuo qie duo ye

84. e la he di

85. san miao san pu tuo ye

86. na mo po qie po di

87. la dan na ji du la she ye

88. duo tuo qie duo ye

89. e la he di

90. san miao san pu tuo ye

91. di piao

92. na mo sa jie li duo

93. yi tan po qie po duo

94. sa dan tuo qie du shai ni shan

95. sa dan duo bo da lan

96. na mo e po la shi dan

97. bo la di

98. yang qi la

99. sa la po

100. bo duo jie la he

101. ni jie la he

102. jie jia la he ni

103. ba la bi di ye

104. chi tuo ni

105. e jia la

106. mi li zhu

107. bo li dan la ye

108. ning jie li

109. sa la po

110. pan tuo nuo

111. mu cha ni

112. sa la po

113. tu shai jia

114. tu xi fa

115. bo na ni

116. fa la ni

117. zhe du la

118. shi di nan

119. jie la he

120. suo he sa la ruo she

121. pi duo beng suo na jie li

122. e shai zha bing she di nan

123. na cha cha dan la ruo she

124. bo la sa tuo na jie li

125. shai zha nan

126. mo he jie la he ruo she

127. pi duo beng sa na jie li

128. sa po she du lu

129. ni po la ruo she

130. hu lan tu xi fa

131. nan zhe na she ni

132. bi sha she

133. xi dan la

134. e ji ni

135. wu tuo jia la ruo she

136. e bo la shi duo ju la

137. mo he bo la zhan chi

138. mo he die duo

139. mo he di she

140. mo he shui duo she po la

141. mo he ba la pan tuo la

142. po xi ni

143. e li ye duo la

144. pi li ju zhi

145. shi po pi she ye

146. ba she la mo li di

147. pi she lu duo

148. bo teng wang jia

149. ba she la zhi he nuo e zhe

150. mo la zhi po

151. bo la zhi duo

152. ba she la shan chi

153. pi she la zhe

154. shan duo she

155. pi ti po

156. bu shi duo

157. su mo lu bo

158. mo he shui duo

159. e li ye duo la

160. mo he po la e bo la

161. ba she la shang jie la zhi po

162. ba she la ju mo li

163. ju lan tuo li

164. ba she la he sa duo zhe

165. pi di ye

166. qian zhe nuo

167. mo li jia

168. ku su mu

169. po jie la duo nuo

170. pi lu zhe na

171. ju li ye

172. ye la tu

173. shai ni shan

174. pi zhe lan po mo ni zhe

175. ba she la jia na jia bo la po

176. lu she na

177. ba she la dun zhi zhe

178. shui duo zhe

179. jia mo la

180. cha che shi

181. bo la po

182. yi di yi di

183. mu tuo la

184. jie na

185. suo pi la chan

186. jue fan du

187. yin tu na mo mo xie

Section II

188. wu xin

189. li shai jie na

190. bo la she xi duo

191. sa dan tuo

192. qie du shai ni shan

193. hu xin du lu yong

194. zhan po na

195. hu xin du lu yong

196. xi dan po na

197. hu xin du lu yong

198. bo la shai di ye

199. san bo cha

200. na jie la

201. hu xin du lu yong

202. sa po yao cha

203. he la cha suo

204. jie la he ruo she

205. pi teng beng sa na jie la

206. hu xin du lu yong

207. zhe du la

208. shi di nan

209. jie la he

210. suo he sa la nan

211. pi teng beng sa na la

212. hu xin du lu yong

213. la cha

214. po qie fan

215. sa dan tuo

216. qie du shai ni shan

217. bo la dian

218. she ji li

219. mo he suo he sa la

220. bo shu suo he sa la

221. shi li sha

222. ju zhi suo he sa ni

223. di li e bi ti shi po li duo

224. zha zha ying jia

225. mo he ba she lu tuo la

226. di li pu po na

227. man cha la

228. wu xin

229. suo xi di

230. bo po du

231. mo mo

232. yin tu na mo mo xie

Section III

233. la she po ye

234. zhu la ba ye

235. e qi ni po ye

236. wu tuo jia po ye

237. pi sha po ye

238. she sa duo la po ye

239. po la zhao jie la po ye

240. tu shai cha po ye

241. e she ni po ye

242. e jia la

243. mi li zhu po ye

244. tuo la ni bu mi jian

245. bo qie bo tuo po ye

246. wu la jia po duo po ye

247. la she tan cha po ye

248. nuo qie po ye

249. pi tiao dan po ye

250. su bo la na po ye

251. yao cha jie la he

252. la cha si jie la he

253. bi li duo jie la he

254. pi she zhe jie la he

255. bu duo jie la he

256. jiu pan cha jie la he

257. bu dan na jie la he

258. jia zha bu dan na jie la he

259. xi qian du jie la he

260. e bo xi mo la jie la he

261. wu tan mo tuo jie la he

262. che ye jie la he

263. xi li po di jie la he

264. she duo he li nan

265. jie po he li nan

266. lu di la he li nan

267. mang suo he li nan

268. mi tuo he li nan

269. mo she he li nan

270. she duo he li nu

271. shi bi duo he li nan

272. pi duo he li nan

273. po duo he li nan

274. e shu zhe he li nu

275. zhi duo he li nu

276. di shan sa pi shan

277. sa po jie la he nan

278. pi tuo ye she

279. chen tuo ye mi

280. ji la ye mi

281. bo li ba la zhe jia

282. qi li dan

283. pi tuo ye she

284. chen tuo ye mi

285. ji la ye mi

286. cha yan ni

287. qi li dan

288. pi tuo ye she

289. chen tuo ye mi

290. ji la ye mi

291. mo he bo shu bo dan ye

292. lu tuo la

293. qi li dan

294. pi tuo ye she

295. chen tuo ye mi

296. ji la ye mi

297. nuo la ye na

298. qi li dan

299. pi tuo ye she

300. chen tuo ye mi

301. ji la ye mi

302. dan tuo qie lu cha xi

303. qi li dan

304. pi tuo ye she

305. chen tuo ye mi

306. ji la ye mi

307. mo he jia la

308. mo dan li qie na

309. qi li dan

310. pi tuo ye she

311. chen tuo ye mi

312. ji la ye mi

313. jia bo li jia

314. qi li dan

315. pi tuo ye she

316. chen tuo ye mi

317. ji la ye mi

318. she ye jie la

319. mo du jie la

320. sa po la tuo suo da na

321. qi li dan

322. pi tuo ye she

323. chen tuo ye mi

324. ji la ye mi

325. zhe du la

326. po qi ni

327. qi li dan

328. pi tuo ye she

329. chen tuo ye mi

330. ji la ye mi

331. pi li yang qi li zhi

332. nan tuo ji sha la

333. qie na bo di

334. suo xi ye

335. qi li dan

336. pi tuo ye she

337. chen tuo ye mi

338. ji la ye mi

339. na jie na she la po na

340. qi li dan

341. pi tuo ye she

342. chen tuo ye mi

343. ji la ye mi

344. e luo han

345. qi li dan

346. pi tuo ye she

347. chen tuo ye mi

348. ji la ye mi

349. pi duo la qie

350. qi li dan

351. pi tuo ye she

352. chen tuo ye mi

353. ji la ye mi

354. ba she la bo ni

355. ju xi ye ju xi ye

356. jia di bo di

357. qi li dan

358. pi tuo ye she

359. chen tuo ye mi

360. ji la ye mi

361. la cha wang

362. po qie fan

363. yin tu na mo mo xie

Section IV

364. po qie fan

365. sa dan duo bo da la

366. na mo cui du di

367. e xi duo na la la jia

368. bo la po

369. xi pu zha

370. pi jia sa dan duo bo de li

371. shi fo la shi fo la

372. tuo la tuo la

373. pin tuo la pin tuo la

374. chen tuo chen tuo

375. hu xin hu xin

376. pan zha pan zha pan zha pan zha pan zha

377. suo he

378. xi xi pan

379. e mu jia ye pan

380. e bo la ti he duo pan

381. po la bo la tuo pan

382. e su la

383. pi tuo la

384. bo jia pan

385. sa po ti pi bi pan

386. sa po na qie bi pan

387. sa po yao cha bi pan

388. sa po qian ta po bi pan

389. sa po bu dan na bi pan

390. jia zha bu dan na bi pan

391. sa po tu lang zhi di bi pan

392. sa po tu si bi li

393. qi shai di bi pan

394. sa po shi po li bi pan

395. sa po e bo xi mo li bi pan

396. sa po she la po na bi pan

397. sa po di di ji bi pan

398. sa po dan mo tuo ji bi pan

399. sa po pi tuo ye

400. la shi zhe li bi pan

401. she ye jie la

402. mo du jie la

403. sa po la tuo suo tuo ji bi pan

404. pi di ye

405. zhe li bi pan

406. zhe du la

407. fu qi ni bi pan

408. ba she la

409. ju mo li

410. pi tuo ye

411. la shi bi pan

412. mo he bo la ding yang

413. yi qi li bi pan

414. ba she la shang jie la ye

415. bo la zhang qi la she ye pan

416. mo he jia la ye

417. mo he mo dan li jia na

418. na mo suo jie li duo ye pan

419. bi shai na bei ye pan

420. bo la he mo ni ye pan

421. e qi ni ye pan

422. mo he jie li ye pan

423. jie la tan chi ye pan

424. mie dan li ye pan

425. lao dan li ye pan

426. zhe wen cha ye pan

427. jie luo la dan li ye pan

428. jia bo li ye pan

429. e di mu zhi duo

430. jia shi mo she nuo

431. po si ni ye pan

432. yan ji zhi

433. sa tuo po xie

434. mo mo yin tu na mo mo xie

Section V

435. tu shai zha zhi duo

436. e mo dan li zhi duo

437. wu she he la

438. qie po he la

439. lu di la he la

440. po suo he la

441. mo she he la

442. she duo he la

443. shi bi duo he la

444. ba liao ye he la

445. qian tuo he la

446. bu shi bo he la

447. po la he la

448. po xie he la

449. bo bo zhi duo

450. tu shai zha zhi duo

451. lao tuo la zhi duo

452. yao cha jie la he

453. la cha suo jie la he

454. bi li duo jie la he

455. pi she zhe jie la he

456. bu duo jie la he

457. jiu pan cha jie la he

458. xi qian tuo jie la he

459. wu dan mo tuo jie la he

460. che ye jie la he

461. e bo sa mo la jie la he

462. zhai que ge

463. cha qi ni jie la he

464. li fo di jie la he

465. she mi jia jie la he

466. she ju ni jie la he

467. mu tuo la

468. nan di jia jie la he

469. e lan po jie la he

470. qian du bo ni jie la he

471. shi fa la

472. yin jia xi jia

473. zhui di yao jia

474. dan li di yao jia

475. zhe tu tuo jia

476. ni ti shi fa la

477. bi shan mo shi fa la

478. bo di jia

479. bi di jia

480. shi li shai mi jia

481. suo ni bo di jia

482. sa po shi fa la

483. shi lu ji di

484. mo tuo pi da lu zhi qian

485. e qi lu qian

486. mu que lu qian

487. jie li tu lu qian

488. jie la he

489. jie lan jie na shu lan

490. dan duo shu lan

491. qi li ye shu lan

492. mo mo shu lan

493. ba li shi po shu lan

494. bi li shai zha shu lan

495. wu tuo la shu lan

496. jie zhi shu lan

497. ba xi di shu lan

498. wu lu shu lan

499. chang qie shu lan

500. he xi duo shu lan

501. ba tuo shu lan

502. suo fang ang qie

503. bo la zhang qie shu lan

504. bu duo bi duo cha

505. cha qi ni

506. shi po la

507. tuo tu lu jia

508. jian du lu ji zhi

509. po lu duo pi

510. sa bo lu

511. he ling qie

512. shu sha dan la

513. suo na jie la

514. pi sha yu jia

515. e qi ni

516. wu tuo jia

517. mo la pi la

518. jian duo la

519. e jia la

520. mi li du

521. da lian bu jia

522. di li la zha

523. bi li shai zhi jia

524. sa po na ju la

525. si yin qie bi

526. jie la li yao cha

527. dan la chu

528. mo la shi

529. fei di shan

530. suo pi shan

531. xi dan duo bo da la

532. mo he ba she lu

533. shai ni shan

534. mo he bo lai zhang qi lan

535. ye bo tu tuo

536. she yu she nuo

537. bian da li na

538. pi tuo ye

539. pan tan jia lu mi

540. di shu

541. pan tan jia lu mi

542. bo la pi tuo

543. pan tan jia lu mi

544. da zhi tuo

545. nan

546. e na li

547. pi she ti

548. pi la

549. ba she la

550. tuo li

551. pan tuo pan tuo ni

552. ba she la bang ni pan

553. hu xin du lu yong pan

554. suo po he

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།
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