A Poem


Mystics, Lamas, Saints, and Magicians,
all of them like to say:
“What’s visible isn’t real,
because the Real is ineffable.”
But in saying so, they tell a lie!

“Ineffable” is a philosopher’s word,
and these are like the wind — 
whooshing loudly about the place,
while making a great din,
then suddenly disappearing,
as if never having been!

If the visible isn’t real
it’s something other than that!
To say what’s real is ineffable fails
by describing the Real as some thing!

And how could it be like that?

But scientists are no better — 
(probably, to very likely, we find)
wandering through their data
searching within their confines — 
and making everything thinly flat!

The Real is simple,
and necessarily so — 
so no explanations should be sought!
With no parts and linkages to be found — 
Forever beyond the grasp of thought.

To prove it’s so, just ask yourself:

What kind of life could really be
In the absence of the Real to start?
And how could something real be made
if no Real was present to take part?

What might occur to start it all
if the Real wasn’t there for locomotion?
And if the Real wasn’t aware at all
what could notice the commotion?

When would it ever happen — 
would time exist after all?
And where would it happen — 
If in “space” there is nothing at all?

Be attentive listening to my meaning — 
ignoring all the puffed up words.
Perhaps you will notice deep within — 
evidence that is there for the gleaning!

Even these debatable words
so seemingly simple, do!
For who would be debating all this
If the Real simply withdrew?

There is a trick in what’s visible…
and the trick is the key to what’s Real!
It’s the trick that does the magic — 
The magician being visible too!

Look within and see the white flash,
Hear the thunder of that which lasts,
Find the rush of waters flowing past,
Focus into the intense energetic blast
By placing yourself in a space beyond vast,
and know it as that to which no “One” belongs.

But realize this first of all:
Anything you say about the Real is a tale tall — 
Because words all absolutely fail!
And that is why I danced this song,
Being simply real and beyond illusion.

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།
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