Everything is uncaused; yet nothing exists without reason…
A flower emerges when the choicest moment arrives
But just when it is, timekeeping never knows.

To be unseemly is not allowed by border formalities;
So each keeps to what it knows
Even if current events make it seem it is not so.

Simply look for the magical Hail Mary in black
A frail link in their chains of becauses
Chains need anchors — to keep from dragging away.

And always magical Marys they are — not connecting the dots,
Just disappearing the distance between… voila!
No need to search for what isn’t there!

But not without reason would a flower appear
Even when arising from cracks in the pavement
Such an unlikely place to be — and yet, so it is.

Noting the Spontaneous in-activity — that which is the curtain
Horizon where the formalities are set
For all the forms that are to be…
And the noticing of them — why else would the curtain rise up?

A simple tune, while minding the play
For noticing is active, and the tune hums along
Solivigant in the field of all there can be.

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