Now, who is it that knows
Flip through all the personal aspects — 
None are older than Now,
Not even memories
That adumbrate this scene
Are older than Now.

Who is it that knows? Now.
Who is it that endures? Now.
Now has no beginning — just Now
No end — just Now
A vignette — just Now.

The pieces are here Now:
The recognition of the things done
The recognition of the knowing it is so
The recognition of what might become…
Where is this recognition?

Now is ever pristine.
Action fills the scene.
Recognition of what is.
Recognition of its roots.
Recognition of its tendencies.
These are not separate things — 
They are the illusions of understanding.

Choose a focus — 
What changes?
But more importantly,
What does not?
Pay attention Now
Stop looking at things.
Now is ever pristine
Explanations are not what they seem.
Like a poet spinning poetry
In order to fill the scene.

Now, here’s the question:
Where is the scene?
Now, just Now — 
The kNowing of these things.

We look around everywhere
Searching for a who
Whose fancy clothing shines so brightly
With a train that is as long
As memory goes.

But for-ever is an illusion
As is the thought of for-never.
Now is not when,
For all there is ever is Now — 
The kNowing of all things.

So close your eyes
Take off your ears
And pay attention — 
But not to what appears.

Hear the sounds of Silence
The Pristine that scenes all things.

And in recognizing what is happening
Focus on the Stillness — not the magic — 
That holds this scene.

You find it by listening for the music
That tracks the scenery with sound.
Follow it back and
You’ll find you’re ‘there’ Now.

But hold on to your heart — 
For there is no who.
And in not being a who,
The last vestige of understanding parts
Giving way to truth:
Now — just Now.

They say this is Buddha,
Buddha-nature is within us all.
They say this is God
God’s creates the All.
They say it is Brahma
The Only Self of all.
They say it is Maths
That which rules all. (Ha! That last)
But “all that is”
And “who that is”
Are tenuous understandings that grasp — 
Just more scenery filling the scene.

So pay attention,
Focus on what lasts,
Then find the silent stillness:
Now kNowing — knowing Now.
Inseparable aspects of the Pristine.

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།
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