Separation Is An Illusion, But Our Shared Story About How Things Are, Is Built Upon That Illusion. To Deny It Is To Be An Apostate


Most of us understand that if we work hard enough, and search long enough, we will find wholeness. Wholeness is believed to be the result of seeing the interconnection of all things — to see ourselves united with all other beings, and the world around us. To overcome all the dichotomies, distinctions, and classifications that keep us apart.

The unity found this way, “all-in-oneness,” is a chimera. We hope that we will find it, instilling it in our lives, but all that we can ever find along this path, starting from the multitude of beings and things in the world and searching for unity, is an illusion, a fairy-tale, just another story we tell ourselves at a certain point and convince ourselves that it is true.

Because this approach, this way of arriving at unity, will always have separation as its foundation. A brick wall is made of bricks — and this kind of unity is such a constructed thing, ever susceptible to suddenly crashing down upon us.

This belief is founded upon a misunderstanding of the veracity of the understanding that things are separate — which is what forces us to believe that we must search for a unity in multiplicity.

Thus, we seek a metaphysical/spiritual connection between all physically separate beings and things. We accept their separation as a given.

But that leaves separation as the underpinning for everything that follows. It makes wholeness contingent upon an actual state of separation. So if we follow this path, we will never overcome the separation that we are hoping to defeat.

Our misunderstanding lies in the belief that we need to do something in order to create a state of wholeness in our lives. But authentic Wholeness is uncovered, not created.

Separation is an illusion, but our shared story about how things are, is built upon that illusion. To deny it is to be an apostate — beyond the pale of accepted rationality. So there is something that needs to be done.

We need to recognize and understand that all the separation we believe is there between us and all other beings and things is nothing more than a useful finding of multiplicity in unity — like the fingers of our hands, or the organelles of our cells — so that everything we believe to be separate is truly already nothing other than a conceptual facet of the whole and has never been anything other.

And this understanding needfully must be the underpinning of our entire understanding of how things are as they are. Thus unity is not an umbrella covering us, but the very ground our intellect stands upon. Only then can we find a new way forward.

ཨེ་མ་ཧོ། ཕན་ནོ་ཕན་ནོ་སྭཱཧཱ།
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