The goal of my writing is to promote an unconstrained science founded upon an inclusive cognitive frame that allows us to go beyond the inherited limitations of  mechanical materialism. To advance that goal, I present a novel paradigm for understanding ourselves and our world, which is called Responsive Naturing. The original genesis for this novel paradigm was my lifelong meditative and contemplative practice using a singular meditation technique, called Great Responsiveness Meditation, which I also write about. 

Responsive Naturing provides a sound foundation for a veridical science, so that both science and spirituality can be founded upon a common understanding of ‘how things work’. This empowers us in ways that our disjointed and parochial schools of thought lock us out of completely, by opening up new possibilities, and methods of looking at problems, and finding solutions, across disciplines.   

I have been an entrepreneur, inventor, an activist with a lifelong involvement in environmental and compassionate campaigns, a local elected official serving a community of 8,000, an award-winning university lecturer, philosopher, contemplative scientist, and a daily meditator for over 6 decades. I have a doctoral-level education in Philosophy and will be defending my doctoral dissertation in 2024 at Stony Brook University. As well, I have had a 30 year career in Software Design, originally focused on automated software development, during which I was first confronted with the unsolvable enigma of human creativity — from within our current cognitive frame of mechanical materialism. This novel paradigm is the result of an Augmented Intelligence (AI) program that I have been developing since the early nineties. I refer to it as a semantic loom, because it is based in immediate experience, and not conceptual assertions.

I strongly believe that only by changing how we think about our problems, and how we relate to each other and our shared world, will we be able to overcome the extreme challenges that we face today. We can't fix problems with the old way of thinking and acting that caused those problems to begin with.

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