While most people regard Buddhism as a religion, it becomes clear, once you have spent some time with it, that it is a way of life. It is true that some of the Buddhist traditions appear on the surface to be a collection of religious rituals focused on a cosmology of deities, heavens and hells, and a variety of techniques and behaviors used to please the first, attain the second, and avoid the last. Perhaps this is most evident within Tibetan Buddhism, but it certainly is present in important ways in all the Buddhist traditions that I know of.

This makes my assertion that there is a technical resource lurking within Tibetan Buddhism that can help us solve our crises, including our global climate crisis, seem all the more questionable. But it is questionable simply because we are not in the habit of finding technical solutions coming out of religion. Yet, in this case it is there, overlooked, while we search everywhere for ways to overcome the many crises that we are faced with today.

This technical resource that I am speaking of is a paradigmatic understanding of reality that is much more coherent than our modern Causal Determinism which it can replace. And it is its intrinsic coherency — meaning that it is applicable at all scales of phenomena, from the micro scale of quantum mechanics, to the macro scale of cosmology, as well as that of everyday life — that makes this new paradigm so useful. It empowers us in ways that our disjointed and parochial schools of thought lock us out of completely, opening up new ways of looking at problems and finding solutions.

And as I said, this new paradigm is one that Tibetan Buddhism has been harboring for over a thousand years, where it plays a role in explaining certain advanced meditative attainments which completely undermine our traditional understanding of reality that fashions and limits all of our knowledge today. But these are not some conceptual ideas that I ran across one day in some esoteric scripture that I am plagiarizing.

The thing is, there are esoteric scriptures that contain this information, found within Tibetan Buddhism, which is why I am talking about it. It’s nice to have some support when you are speaking of things that you found along your path through life, that are so counterintuitive given our modern understanding of reality. I gave this new paradigm a different name sixteen years ago when I first started writing about my own meditative experiences, long before I knew much about Buddhism. But that’s not the point of this.

I sometimes like to remind myself that Buddha Shakyamuni brought Buddhism to the world, but it was his four friends, who became his first avid supporters, that brought the Buddha to the world. Otherwise, Shakyamuni could just as well have been some homeless crank yelling at people on some street corner. It is like that when what you have to say is so very different from what everyone thinks is the truth. You need at least two people to create a movement.

Below is a list of articles from throughout the book Tranquillity’s Secret that I am publishing on Medium.com. If you read these articles in the order listed, they will explain this new paradigmatic understanding and how it works — in detail — including how it applies to our current global crises. The rest of the book is about a meditation support and techniques that use it. But note: this paradigm that I speak of stands on its own, and can be integrated immediately into our efforts to find solutions to our pressing problems today.

And don’t get me wrong. This is not an answer to all our problems. What it is, is a way to change our approach to solving the overwhelming problems we face today, by first changing how we see the world and understand its workings. You can’t be sure of success when you are working with a false understanding of the thing you are trying to fix. This knowledge has been known for millennia (or longer), but its application to our current crises is new. Perhaps you will find it of use.

About Tranquillity’s Secret

My goal is to have an enlightened science founded upon the structure of responsive naturing, rather than causal determinism.

Before The Pump Was Invented, What Did The Heart Do?

We Believe We Know The Truth Because Science Says The Heart Is A Pump. But That’s Ridiculous.

For The Good Of All

The Sound Basis of Mahākarunā (Great Responsiveness) — An answer to late capitalism and the climate crisis of global ecocide.

Inherent Versus Intrinsic: Two Ways to Shape Our Thoughts About Reality

A Subtle Difference That Can Lead Us To The Truth

What is Experience, Where is Mind, What is Consciousness, and What About Time?

Explaining A New And All-Inclusive Paradigm For Understanding Your World

The Needed Distinction Between Reality and Existence

Making Room For Modern Science And Ancient Wisdom.

Why Awareness Will Never Be Found

And Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never Be Aware.

What is Emptiness And How Does It Relate to Great Responsiveness Meditation?

The Unique Character Of The Inner Spontaneous Sounds Used Within The Great Responsive Meditation

The Three Defects of Every Novel Paradigm for Reality Proposed Today

The Only Way To Move To Another Paradigm Is To Completely Empty The Current Authoritative Paradigm Of Any Validity At All

Within The Heart Of All Things Lies An Unexplainable Creative Spontaneity

In a materialist view of reality, there is no room for the variability that is plainly evident to be spontaneous, so it is explained away as lawful behavior that is too complex to measure.

The Axiom of Great Responsiveness

Humanity Needs A New Paradigm For Reality If It Is To Survive — Great Responsiveness Is That Paradigm

Reasonable Incausality

Everything is uncaused; yet nothing exists without reason.

Why Do We Have A Brain If We Also Have A Mind?

Great Responsiveness Is The Solution To The ‘Hard Problem’ Of Consciousness

It Was Inevitable That Science Would Declare We Have No Free Will

Great Responsiveness Explains How Recognition Of Our Acts Come Only After Our Desire To Do Something Has Already Commenced The Action Desired

How Do We Reason? (Part 1)

The Impossible Genesis of Thinking a Thought

What is an Intuition?

I think we all agree that intuition is something that happens, without having to agree to how it happens.

Ruining The World

A Cautionary Tale About Trying To Save A Planet

There Is A Way Of Seeing The World Different

A poem

This list of articles, which will be updated as necessary over time, can be accessed with this link: https://stilljustjames.medium.com/list/responsive-naturing-versus-causal-determinism-58a7a3adf7d6

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